Hello, I'm Emre Aydin. I’m a Freelance Front-End Web Developer.

I have been serving in this field for longer than 7 years. In tens of projects I worked as a Front-End Developer, which is my area of expertise. I have conducted various projects in many agencies. Although my occupation is about programming, I am also trying to improve myself in the graphic design field. I am a 26 year old, living in Turkey



"It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results."

I was born in 1995 in Sakarya. I keep living in Sakarya. In this area, which becomes more and more interesting each year since I met with the internet, I have been giving professional service for more than 7 years. In addition to going to the school I serve as a freelancer

I have been involved as Front-end and Back-end Developer in various projects for different companies. I have mastered drawing programs like Photoshop, Fireworks although I have more curiosity and knowledge in the field of software. I've recently been involved in desktop programming in addition to web programming .


UI & Webdesign
UI & Web Design

I do corporate, mobile, responsive web designs using latest web technologies like CSS3 and HTML5.

Brand Design
Corporate Design

I prepare corporate identity studies such as logo, business card, which will reflect your brand, create your brand signature.

Web Development
Web Programming

I am developing web based software, preparing management panels, developing CMS (Wordpress etc.) systems.

SEO ve Dijital Pazarlama
SEO & Digital Marketing

I strengthen search engine optimization, Google Adwords consulting and your brand's social media accounts.